Informations Covid-19

Updated Protective actions at
TUPACK/MARETO to minimize the risk of an infection with Covid-19

Vienna, 16th March 2020

As we, all play an important role in keeping our community healthy, preventing the spread of the virus and to ensure the supply of goods in these difficult times. Therefore, we would like to inform you about measures taken by TUPACK/MARETO to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to ensure a continuity of our business and supply of goods:

  • All non-essential appointments, which were not necessary to keep the supply chain operational, had been cancelled by sixth of March 2020.
  • Since beginning of March all travel activities have been suspended.
  • Both of our factories are operational and are working autonomously of each other. Contact between our factories have been reduced to phone calls and video conferences only.
  • Deliveries and pick up of goods to and from our facilities are following strict updated hygiene protocols to avoid any contagion and therefore a possible disruption of the supply chain.
  • To avoid any possible contamination with Covid-19 we have taken precautions that the samples/other goods you´ll receive have been carefully disinfected. During the handling of these samples gloves must be worn.
  • Our office staff & customer service is well equipped and advised to work remotely and will be available as usual.
  • Personal interactions between our workforce are reduced to a minimum and strict hygiene actions were implemented.
  • Employees who show any signs of possible infection (cough, sneezing, fever etc.) are forbitten to enter premises of TUPACK/MARETO and are advised to contact local health authorities.
  • We have elevated protocols for enhanced cleaning / disinfecting touch points throughout our facilities.
  • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the facilities that are being monitored and refilled regularly.
  • We continually stay up-to-date with regulatory guidelines and public health guidance to improve and adapt our safety measures.
  • All these measures taken by TUPACK/MARETO remain valid and will be updated regularly, until public authorities officially announce the end of the corona risk.