As a plastics processing company, we are very aware of our responsibility toward the environment. In fact, we are one of the pioneers in processing recyclable consumer and industrial plastic waste known as post-consumer and post-industrial resins.

It is therefore extremely important to us that all of our polypropylene and polyethylene tubes are very easy to recycle.

We also use bio-based plastics made from materials such as used cooking oils, wood waste and chalk. What’s more, we only use food grade lubricants throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We use UV inks and suitable protective coatings for packaging decoration and only hot stamping foils that are specifically designed to be used with our coatings.

To conserve resources, our products are transported on new pallets made out of treated wood and we use 100% recycled cardboard and plastic with a high percentage of recycled content.

Materials overview

  • Polyethylene: high density, low density, linear low density, recycled high density
  • Polypropylene and recycled polypropylene
  • Post-consumer resins
  • Post-industrial resins
  • Bio-based plastics
  • UV inks
  • Two-component or UV coatings
  • Pallets made from treated wood in accordance with IPPC and FDC specifications
  • 100% recycled cardboard