Our corporate policy

As well as our firm commitment to quality and sustainability, we also have a strong focus on corporate social responsibility. For example, we strongly believe in the importance of responsible sourcing in order to meet our social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.

This is why we have introduced a range of strict guidelines and issued relevant requirement specifications. We continually audit our suppliers to ensure that they also comply with these standards and this includes a confidentiality audit.

The well-being of our employees is also very important to us. In addition to fair working conditions and an absolute respect for human rights, we offer our employees a number of benefits, including free medical check-ups. We are also thinking ahead to our employees of tomorrow, which is why we take on up to ten apprentices every year to work in various disciplines at our MARETO factory in Parndorf.

Our goals

Our primary objectives when manufacturing our products are to:

  • Avoid defects to result in a reduction in waste and defect costs
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Continuously reduce customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase flexibility by reducing order throughput times
  • Guarantee absolute cleanliness and safety across the entire business
  • Reduce emissions as far as technically possible
  • Focus on job optimization

Our guidelines

  • Continually evaluate and optimize business processes in relation to quality, the environment, safety and hygiene by means of internal audits, risk analyses and plant inspections (CIP)
  • Continually review legal compliance backed up by professional legal support
  • Increase quality and minimize risk for the environment, safety, health and hygiene through regular training and raising awareness among all our members of staff
  • Conserve resources by implementing the latest technologies and optimizing all processes

We intend to strengthen our market position by continually innovating, harnessing the latest technologies and responding to changes in the marketplace in a flexible way. These efforts are also supported by our careful use of resources and our driven employees. An important part of fulfilling these goals and achieving our vision is meeting our environmental responsibilities, which we are achieving through using energy as efficiently as possible in order to reduce emissions.