Tupack Group goes Solar: New Photovoltaic Rooftop Systems completed at both production sites

Tupack Group, a global leading producer of high quality extruded tubes and lip care sticks, has put two large photovoltaic systems in operation on the roofs of each of its productions sites in Austria this summer.

With the rooftop photovoltaic system installed at Mareto production plant in Parndorf, consisting of some 2,500 panels on an estimated area of 8,900 sqm and with a total output of 1,110 kWp one of the largest photovoltaic plant in the northern part of the State of Burgenland, Tupack Group has underlined its aspiration towards a CO2-free energy supply.

Conditions for generating green energy on its own premises could not be better for Tupack Group, given that Parndorf can boast with an annual average of 2,000 sunshine hours with a guaranteed amount of electricity that translates into 1.221.500 kWh.

In addition, the photovoltaic system installed on the roof surfaces of Tupack Group’s Vienna production plant occupies an area of another some 9,000 sqm, thus consisting of approximately 2,800 panels, which produce a total output of 1,141 kWp. The new Vienna system thus generates an annual amount of clean energy corresponding to 1,112,000 kWh

Commenting on the successful completion of both photovoltaic installations, Stephan Reif, Tupack Group’s CEO, said:

“Our green power project marks a milestone investment for us and is vital to maintain our already high standards in terms of responsible use of resources and climate protection. Sustainability is crucial for our economic success. Going from our use of energy at present, all green electricity thereby generated is going straight to our production operations, saving an overall of almost 1,000 tons CO2 per year.”