Products and Innovations

“When you stop trying to be better, you’ve stopped being good.” – Philip Rosenthal

This quotation resonates with us, inspiring our designs every day. We have been working with customers and suppliers for years to continually develop and improve our existing products in terms of quality, safety, and sustainability.

Tupack innovation 3


  • Up to 100% PCR in plastic tubes
  • 100% PP in stick range
  • Mono material packaging based on PE & PP (Eco design)
  • 100% vegan certified tubes & sticks
  • Bio tubes and sticks


  • Tubes with pumps in 25, 30 and 50mm diameter
  • Development of an ultra-light weight tube
  • Reduced tube wall thickness – reduction of 50% in weight

Caps & closures

  • Up to 100% PCR in caps & closures
  • Light weight flip top caps
  • Tamper-evident label on closures


  • Cutting edge digital printing technology
  • Laser techniques used to produce special effects on closures

Master batches

  • NIR master batches – Treatment of darker pigments in recycle streams
  • Antibacterial master batches

And much more.

TUPACK lip care sticks

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