Supplier Code of Conduct

TUPACK/MARETO wants to be perceived as an integral part of the national society and economy in all countries. Due to the huge diversity of conditions at various countries in which we purchase goods and services, this maxim of TUPACK/MARETO business policy is considered in principles of the “Code of Conduct for TUPACK/MARETO Suppliers”. It is based on – among others – the UN Global Compact and the principles of the International Labor Organization but also reflects the TUPACK/MARETO “Business Conduct Guidelines”, which establishes fundamental principles of sustainability and apply to the entire company.

TUPACK/MARETO operates not only in accordance with clear Business Conduct Guidelines, which are mandatory worldwide, but also with directives to concentrate business with only the best suppliers who agree to and comply with our standards in the supply chain. In the long term we cooperate only with suppliers who place as much value on Sustainability as we do and who adhere to the principles of Global Compact with respect to human rights and work relationships.

In order to continuously monitor and improve the performance of our suppliers we try to improve a Supplier Management System permanently. Important are in particular the following concepts:

  • Compliance with laws
  • Prohibition of Corruption and Bribery
  • Respect for Basic Human Rights of Employees (including refuse to employ or make anyone work against his or her will)
  • Prohibition of Child Labor
  • Health and Safety of Employees
  • Environmental Protection
  • Promotion of the above principles in the supply chain of the supplier

Sustainability Self Assessments, Risk Evaluations performed by the responsible TUPACK/MARETO Buyer, Sustainability Audits performed by TUPACK/MARETO resp. TUPACK/MARETO Quality audits. These audits include determining if the supplier adheres to the standard provisions of Code of Conduct.

If a supplier fails to execute the agreed upon measures, TUPACK/MARETO may terminate any existing business with the supplier. TUPACK/MARETO establishes strict terms of conditions resp. ask suppliers to accept strong contractual provisions.

Energy Efficiency Program

In order to orient also our entire supply chain in an ecological manner, we try to work also with our suppliers to identify and implement measures for the efficient use of resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Organization Awareness

All Procurement professionals within the TUPACK/MARETO Supply Chain organization are trained internally. Workshops include presentations with respect to Environment, Health and Safety addressing human right topics such as worker safety.

TUPACK/MARETO – Whistleblower System

TUPACK and MARETO have implemented a mutual whistleblower system, to give potential whistleblowers the opportunity to confidentially report compliance breaches and criminal conduct within our organization as well as any acts or omissions not consistent with TUPACK’s and MARETO‘s corporate culture.

All reports received through the whistleblower system are not being processed by TUPACK or MARETO, but are exclusively handled by our audit partner CONFIDA.

Whistleblowers can also provide their tips anonymously, if they so desire. The proceedings agreed with CONFIDA guarantee that all reports received are treated strictly confidential and that the identity of each whistleblower is afforded with the best possible protection.

Please note that using the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower system all reports must exclusively be provided by e-mail until further notice and must be directed to CONFIDA under the following e-mail address:


Before providing a report please read and make yourself acquainted with the FAQs provided below:

  • Who is eligible to use the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower system?

Any person who is aware of, has observed or has otherwise gathered information on internal proceedings, events or any other activity linked to a potential breach of compliance, fraudulent behavior or any other criminal conduct as well as any acts or omissions not consistent with TUPACK’s and MARETO‘s corporate culture. This includes TUPACK’s and MARETO’s employees, former employees, job applicants or any of our contractual partners, such as vendors and customers, business partners and other stakeholders, as well as third parties in any way connected to TUPACK and MARETO.

  • At what point should I consider using the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower system?

Before using the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower system you should objectively examine whether your report could also be directly provided to a TUPACK/MARETO employee instead, thereby taking into account the exact circumstances of the incident or activity you wish to report as well as its overall importance and/or economic impact on TUPACK/MARETO or any stakeholder.

  • Which kind of incident or activity should I report using the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower system?

The incident or activity identified in any report should be in any way connected to the following:

  • All and any acts or omissions directed against the economic interests of TUPACK and/or MARETO (e.g. falsification of accounts or pertaining financial documents, money laundering, misappropriation, bribery and corruption as well as any activity connected thereto)
  • Infringements of antitrust laws, state aid rules and public procurement provisions;
  • Infringements of consumer protection laws and laws on protection of privacy and personal data;
  • Infringements of laws on the protection of the environment and on public health;
  • Infringements of laws on food safety and animal health;
  • Infringements of laws on product safety and compliance and laws on transport safety.
  • What do I have to do to make sure my report is submitted anonymously?

If you desire to remain anonymous please expressly indicate so in your report. CONFIDA will respect your wish to remain anonymous under all circumstances. To this end, please make sure that you are submitting your report using a secure email address such as a private email account or an email address exclusively set up for making the report.

Please memorize the email account you have used to submit your report in order to remain available for further enquiries or any questions CONFIDA may want to raise upon handling your report right until your case has been closed. Your anonymity will be respected throughout the whole examination and your identity will not be disclosed to TUPACK or MARETO, unless you deliberately submit false reports or abuse the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower in any form.

  • Is there anything else I should bear in mind?

Please be as precise as ever possible when describing the reported incident or activity. Also, you may want to enclose any documents or other material you have got hold of in connection with the reported incident or activity, whether attached to your email or by way of verbatim notes or as summarized content included in your report.

Further, you are strongly advised to make yourself acquainted with the Data Protection procedures on our website (

Kindly note that deliberately submitting false reports as well any form of abuse of the TUPACK/MARETO whistleblower system is a criminal offence and may also have consequences under labor law.

  • What happens once I have submitted a report?

CONFIDA will promptly confirm the receipt of your report, in any case no later than 7 days from the date of submission. Please remain available for further enquiries or any questions CONFIDA may have ony your report. To this end it would be useful if you regularly (ideally no less than once in a week) check the email account you have used to submit your report.

In any case, within 3 months from the date of submission of your report CONFIDA will inform you on the status of your report as well as on all measures that may have been implemented as a consequence.