Our corporate policy

TUPACK takes its corporate responsibility very seriously. This is expressed in our corporate guidelines, which we regard as a constant obligation in relation to our customers and our employees as well as to our environment. Our guidelines serve as an incentive for us never to rest on our laurels, but to continuously improve. The three pillars on which our guidelines are based are our guideline for achieving the goals formulated according to them and for continuously redefining them:


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has always been a key component of our corporate philosophy. As a reliable partner to our customers, we continuously invest in the efficiency of our production processes. In this way, we fully meet the increasing needs of our customers in terms of time optimization and flexibility, without deviating from our unreserved claim to the highest possible quality. This requires a high degree of approach to orientation. Careful use of raw materials and optimally coordinated production processes also guarantee cost efficiency. We also accept our responsibility towards our suppliers. We set consistently high standards through strict guidelines in terms of selection and continuous monitoring to always live up to universally applicable moral and ecological values.

Employees & work environment

Our employees are our focus. By treating each other with respect and responsibility, our greatest concern is to create an environment in which the well-being of our employees comes first. Ensuring a safe working environment and accompanying health offers are an expression of the great responsibility we bear towards our employees. This includes regular free preventive medical checkups as well as equipping each individual workplace according to ergonomic principles. We also attach great importance to cleanliness at the workplace and unconditional compliance with hygienic measures in production. But we are also thinking today about our employees of tomorrow. Every year, we take on up to ten apprentices who are trained in various professions at our plants.


The preservation of our environment through sustainable management is of utmost importance to us. As a company in the plastics industry, we are highly aware of our social responsibility and the resulting obligation to act in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. We meet this responsibility, among other things, by complying with all environmental and climate standards and by constantly evaluating them. To this end, we are committed to continuously optimizing the environmental and energy efficiency of our production processes through targeted investments in the latest production technology, the use of recyclable materials (e.g. PCR materials) and the use of energy from renewable sources.

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We owe our cross-industry pioneering role in environmental and climate protection above all to our employees, whose inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit have decisively promoted the expansion and further development of efficiency-enhancing innovations in our company throughout the course of our company history. This has always enabled us to respond quickly and sustainably to the latest market trends.