Our Sustainability Vision

TUPACK takes its responsibility towards future generations very seriously. In doing so, we set no less than the standard for ourselves to design the entire product cycle based on the highest standards for sustainable business: From the use of raw materials required for manufacturing, to the selection and number of additional product components, to the most environmentally friendly production possible and consideration of low-emission distribution channels.

We base our responsibly formulated sustainability goals on the achievement of the following targets, which are constantly being redefined:

  • Exploit less the Earth
  • Reduce our waste
  • Preserve the Earth
  • Save on resources necessary for basic need

Our Roadmap

Our roadmap to becoming a sustainable packaging supplier follows these steps:

  • Zero Waste Certification
  • Renewable Energy certification
  • Goal of Carbon Neutrality
  • 2025 commitment to the new plastic economy goal. 100% of our packaging to be recyclable and made with renewable or recycled materials.

Spotlight Achievements

We’re proud of these first achievements:

  1. Powered by 100% renewable energy since 2009. Since then, we’ve saved 50,000 tons of CO2. This is enough to annually power 250 homes or erase the emissions of 10,000 cars.
  2. Post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials. Since 2009, the use of 5,000 tons of PCR in our tubes has reduced our need of new plastic.

Product Sustainability

At TUPACK, sustainability means:

  • Using recycled materials for our tubes and our capsules: PCR & PIR
  • Reducing the amount of plastic needed for every tube and capsule, eco design.
  • Facilitating recycling by ensuring that the tubes and closure materials are standardized
  • Researching and using bio-based plastics.

We pledge to keep up with global science on climate change, to insure we are actively contributing to this urgent issue and thus the preservation of the environment.

Read our CSR report here:

TUPACK’s corporate sustainability report 2023

Sustainability Partnerships

A key element of our corporate policy of sustainability is our motivation to produce our products in the most resource-efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. This is why we are involved in global environmental initiative partnerships, including:

  • Holy Grail 2.0
  • Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • Ecovadis Platinum Award
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Ecovadis
  • Ellen McArthur New Plastics Economy Campaign
  • UN Global Compact for Sustainable Development Goals
Erneuebare Quelle

Renewable sources

100% of the electricity we use is derived from renewable sources (wind, hydro, biomass)

Erneuerunf des Maschinenparks

Machinery upgrades

We invest in new machinery that are more and more efficient.

Reduktion Energieverbrauchs

Reduced energy consumption

Our use of UV printing inks and UV coating is also helping us to reduce energy consumption.